Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Evan Meets Frankie

It's already
October 31st!

The other day, I spent THirTY minutes trying to get a good picture of Evan in his fun Duck Soup Originals Frankie Tee. ((Karen is one of my favorite designers. You can buy from her website OR shop with her on eBay as well.))

Ok, Back to Evan....ha....I bet I took 100 pictures of him!

I FINALLY got the shot I wanted, ONLY when the little STINKER looked up and saw his DADDY pulling up the drive, coming home for lunch!! That is EXACTLY why he is going to be wearing a Hanna Andersson SKUNK costume tonight, I can tell you that right there! ;)

Hope you all have a not so SPOOKY Day & a Happy HALLOWEEN!


Pink Alligator said...

AWWWW! What a sweet photo of your little man!

KarenM said...

What a cutie Pie!!!! Thanks again for sharing the pic. :)


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