Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy July Day!

Happiest (late) 4th of July Day to you! We were out of town on the 4th (sorta)
Naturally, on the marathon...WOW...what a time we had!!

We headed out around lunch time on Tuesday to visit Chattanooga, TN. This is only about a 1.5 hour drive, GREAT for a day trip or a short destination road trip. My sister recently moved there. Her husband is joining a law firm in downtown Chatty & she has taken a fun job as a PR Rep for the prestigious boys school McCallie. (let's all start praying now that their children are boys...she gets a great discount...haha).

It's been awhile since I've been down that way, and I must say that I was NOT disappointed in this FUN riverfront destination! WHAT a great place for a little family vacation!! The hotel that we stayed at was right next to the Children's Creative Discovery Museum and right in front of the AT&T Field, home of the Lookouts!

We WALKED & WALKED & driving necessary here!
After a GREAT dinner at the Southern Star (OMGosh, yummy food), we saw the fireworks down on the Riverfront on Tuesday night....I have just got to say that this place was the NICEST and the CLEANEST public place that I have EVER visited! Naturally, the evening wouldn't be complete without a quick stop at the Ben & Jerry's for some desert! On our way back up to the hotel (just a quick two block walk) we saw fireworks from the Lookout's stadium as well (they had a SOLD OUT ballgame that night) was WAY cool!! We spent the 4th of July morning touring the TN Aquarium & snagging a tastely lunch at the Blue Plate. Here's a pic of all of us husband Aaron & me hanging over Evan's stroller, Owen, Linda (Kim's mother-in-law), Kim, Grandma & Olivia.

I am so glad that Kim & Aaron will be living here, we are already excited planning to come back...there are STILL lots of great places that we just didn't get to visit this time!

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