Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Itty, Bitty, Baby Steps...

My heart says...NOOOOO!
But, my poor aching back says...YEEESSS!

My sweet baby Evan is on his way & will be walking EVERYWHERE soon! He is 14 months old, it's time for him to get some pep in his little step.
I have been really thankful that he has been in NO hurry to grow up and has been perfectly content being "the mommy's baby". And, he SO is...he just crawls up on you & rubs his head on your shoulder & snuggles up into your neck in hopes that you might rub his little back in return. He LOVES a little massage! LOL
Owen, my oldest son never even crawled...on the eve of this first birthday he just jumped up & RAN...and has been a three ring circus ever since!! Even Olivia had things going on & got up and took off the week of her first birthday too. By they time both of them were 14 months old they seemed like busy little people & not babyish at all.
Yep, this little guy is a special one. He has a built in sense of empathy & has his mommy wrapped around his little bitty pinky finger for sure!!

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