Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beauty Returns...

I wish I had gotten a before & after picture of this pot.

My mother brought it over last week. She found it down in my Granny's sun room. It had been under a table all winter & looked like a pot full of DRIED up dirt. Since my son is having such a hard time dealing with her death, my mother has been bringing several of Granny's plants over for him to care for, but we were pretty sure this one was a hopeless case.

But, we were wrong. After a couple of good waterings, a couple of late afternoon rainshowers & a couple of blazing sunny days this dried up looking pot has sprouted a beautiful bundle of bright pink flowers!

It's almost as if they are a message from her telling us not to give up too easily, because if we'll just be patient and take extra care of each other to get through this...eventually, someday....everything is going to be just fine.

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