Saturday, May 5, 2007

I hate ya, but I love ya!

It's incredible how two children four years apart some days seem like they are the exact same age! (usually, the same age as the YOUNGER one)
Owen & Olivia have the most WONDERFUL Love/Hate relationship! Some days they can't seem to FIGHT's a rare event that they are laughing WITH each other & not AT each other like they are in this picture.


Amy said...

Oh now that is so precious!! Gotta love those little stinkers!


from*my*angels*to*yours said...

LOVE that picture Mandy!!!! And I hear ya on the love/hate! Are you telling me they don't outgrow that????? Yesterday we were driving...Maggie says "I'm hot!"...Lilly says "I'm cold"! Do they just LOVE to annoy each other, and me! that much??? LOL


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