Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get your SUNSCREEN On!!

Hip, Hip, HOORAY!
THE POOL is finally OPEN!

When we first began building this house on the hill, Aaron & I decided to try to keep the cost of the house down as much as we could so that we could have a pool dug too!

They broke ground on our house in August 2006 and broke ground on our new pool in November 2006. FINALLY, this past week...MAY 2007, they completed out pool (and we've been moved in since March...). It's incredible that a pea sized swimming pool took almost as long to complete as a 5,000 sq ft house!

Yesterday, Owen had three of his school buddies over to swim. I didn't get any pictures of them because I was worried sick trying to keep the hawk eye on them! It was REALLY sunny & hot, so I didn't want any of these kids to get a sunburn! They had a GREAT time & all three of them left yesterday afternoon looking like they had been in a war...I am SURE those lil critters were sleeping good last night (poor Owen was so tired he could hardly climb the stairs himself at bed time)!

Everyone has been enjoying the pool, but I have YET to get in it! I despise swimming in FREEZING water! Honestly, it's such a hassle to get myself showered & spiffy ONE time per day...I haven't found a day yet that I could possibly walk around looking like a wet dog. But, last night I did notice that the water is warming, I'll be getting in soon!

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from*my*angels*to*yours said...

oh what a fun time Mandy!!! I'm so jealous!!! I wish we had a pool in our backyard!! We have to go to our community pool...and I just dread EVERY time lugging the girls and all their pool "stuff" back and forth! LOL I bet you all will enjoy that sooooo much!!!!!!!


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