Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twinkle Toes???

I have never seen a dog quite like our dog, Lil Smokey!! He is a super watch dog, fiercely protective of the baby & (we have recently found) he is quite a good dancer! ;)
Every time Olivia gets her pettiskirts out, he is RIGHT THERE running along side of her as she twirls around...it's hilarious!
And, it never fails...no matter where the pettiskirt falls...Lil Smokey finds himself a spot & burrows up in the delicious layers of tulle. Honestly, I can't blame him! If I've got a second, I'll slip one of them on, crank up some Kenny Chesney & spin throught the house with Olivia! Some call it silly, I certainly call it therapy! ;)

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