Monday, April 30, 2007

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Those were the words this past weekend!

After what seems like an ENTIRE weekend that was an absolute really all goes back to those words last Friday afternoon.

Ready, Get, GO!

Oh, the EXCITEMENT...I was such a proud, proud mama to see my oldest son run his first marathon! He and 3,000 other kids from around the state ran the ONE MILE County Music Kids Marathon!!

Owen has had some asthma issues this spring & I had already decided that he didn't need to try running a mile during allergy season. But, he had made up his mind...he begged and, I finally had to give in. This was a goal that he had made for himself and he had to see it through.

He crossed the finish line, got a high five from Titan's Head Coach, Jeff Fisher, received a very cool medal and a nice goodie bag AND a HAMBURGER...which he and his friends all promtly sat down and ATE! (now, who runs a mile & then scarfs down a burger!?!?) EW, YUCK!!

Hamburger or not, I was SUPER proud of my fella! ;)

Here are a few shots from our fun afternoon!

Getting off the TRAIN & crossing the bridge to the Titan's stadium...lining up to run...crossing the finish line with friends!

It was a SUPER fun time for sure!

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