Friday, April 20, 2007

Meet "NO-NO".....

Some of you might know him as "Mr. Man" or "Sweet Lil Evan" or even "that kid with the dimples..."

Lately, around here his name is "NO-NO"!!!
Evan turned one earlier this month and apparently he felt sorry for me when I was whining about my last little baby growing up too fast...he has yet to walk...both of his older siblings jumped up & started running the week before their first birthdays. This little sweetheart is content just doing the crawl for now and climbing up into anything & everything he can get to!! I'll not complain, as I know he is just kindly showing me a preview of the mischief that is yet to come!

Just today he has pulled out and DUMPED out an entire box of photos (ripped up & ate one before I could stop him), he sampled puppy chow, stuck his little hand down in & sampled potty water (in two different bathrooms...WHO keeps leaving that seat UP!?!?)...all of this AND had a bath before noon because lunch was way yummy! ;)
Certainly, it's all in a day's work for my little guy. Every day is a NEW adventure!


Anonymous said...

oh Mandy!!!! LOVE that picture!!! And I just tagged you...check my blog! :)


webfoot said...

He is so dang CUTE! You need some dura Bibs! ;-) Thanks for mentioning me on your blog, I'm going to backtrack you back!


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