Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jump in with BOTH feet...

That's the only way to do it!

Look around.......take a deep breath...
and JUMP!
I must be out of my mind, but here I am starting something new. I like new, I really do. But I think there might should be a limit on NEW, don't you?!

In the past year & a half we have welcomed a new baby AND also a new dog. We bought a new house, but then decided it was too, we bought a new piece of land (ok, it was a way old piece of land...but new to us still)...and (after an exciting adventure in BUILDING...a topic for another post) we just moved into our new house on the hill (there's our hill, right up there).

It's home.

I totally feel like Dorothy...clicking my heels together...oh, there's no place like home!

After three eternal years of Air Force life and moving FIVE times...MERCY, it's SO good to finally have a place to call home!

I'm Mandy, by the way.
Mother of three fabulous kids & one loyal weiner dog.
I am also a Teacher, Seamstress, Designer, Artist, Mommy, Housekeeper, Chef...soon to be Lifeguard & hopefully a bit of a Gardner too...all these things, plus being a wife to the most incredible guy. I still wonder what I ever did to deserve him!!

I'm a busy gal and I love to be busy! I hope that this blog spot will help me keep my thoughts organized a bit, maybe keep in touch with my family & precious friends a bit, but most of all I hope this spot becomes a lot like home...where something NEW is happening...just about ALL the time! :)
So, WELCOME to my Home!

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from*my*angels*to*yours said...

HI Mandy! This is such a good job!! Love that scenic picture!! So pretty!! I think you'll find this as addicting as I did! LOL But I'm like you, just so busy, I'm hoping what a great way to share thoughts and ideas...and of course pictures with friends and family!! I'll be watching! :) congratulations on your new venture here!! :)


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