Friday, April 13, 2007

Hair Ye, Hair Ye...

What is it with little people and HAIR?!?

It seems like everyone I know has had some experience with their 4/5 year old one day deciding that they have a degree from the local beauty academy!

That was absolutely the case here recently.

It was the day before Christmas, actually!!
I cannot recall the exact event, but something caused my daughter Olivia to crank up a bit of a tantrum. This earned her a bit of a time-out in her bedroom. I watched the clock & thought to myself how proud that the Super Nanny would be that I kept my cool and handled her behavior so well. However, NOTHING prepared me for the SHOCK that I felt when she emerged from her room 5 minutes later carrying SIX INCHES of her beautiful blonde hair!!!

I cried...for 5 minutes!

But, now that I am used to it I LOVE this look on my high spirited middle child! She looks like one of those paper dolls right off the pages of the Mary Engelbreit magazine...she's my sassy, spit fire of a pride & Miss Olivia! :)


Amy said...

I love Miss O's hair!! She must have known;)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE her hair!!!!!!! That looks precious on her!! Maggie wants to cut her's to her shoulder SO bad..and I keep telling her no! LOL I'm afraid she'll be sad she can't wear a ponytail or braid!! On the otherhand...Lilly chooses to cut hers herself least twice a week!! LOL

Maybe I should let Maggie take the plunge! I just LOVE that on Olivia!


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