Monday, April 16, 2007

Get on a LIST!

I seem to be on a never ending QUEST to keep up with life!

With soccer practice, baseball practice, gymnastics & cheerleading classes, sitting in car rider line, doctor's appointments, haircuts...on & on & on....I take a look in the back seat, sweet Evan still in his car seat...just barely a year old...oh, my head is SPINNING thinking that this is only 2/3 of the activities that I will be bus-ing people to in the upcoming years!

Recently my POP! pals & I were discussing this site and their super cool organizational tools...oodles & oodles of yummy LISTS!
The ALL OUT OF list is one that I have here at home & it is a LIFE SAVER!!!
If you're one of those folks like me...on the never ending QUEST to find peace & some form of organization in this crazy MUST visit this site & try some of their useful (and downright hilarious) notepads! :)
You'll be glad you did!


1 comment:

from*my*angels*to*yours said...

OH GOSH! I have GOT to get some of those!! :)


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