Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fun & Games!

I finally got pictures of Evan in this cute FUN & GAMES set! Doing anything with him lately has been like trying to dress a goat! It was so windy on the porch yesterday, I thought he was going to do a Mary Poppins & fly right out of that chair!! He was all giggly & laughing belly laughs as the wind blew his little puff of blond hair up like a mohawk! He is so funny!! LOL

I found this wonderful FUN & GAMES Nancy Wolff print during the holidays & just had to make something comfy for my little guy! It has every type of game piece you can think of featured in it & is all doctored in BRIGHT, FUN colors!! Actually, this set that Evan is modeling has already been worn & washed A DOZEN times this spring already! I have been SO PLEASED at the quality of both the fabric AND that awesome black American Apparel tee! Neither of them have faded in the least, awesome quality! :)
One of my pals informed me that this one would ALSO be cute on little ladies, LOL! I am most happy to make it for a gal as well. Do skip over to my ebay store & check it out if you're interested.

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